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Corie Townsend & Andy Traylor


Corie Townsend & Andy Traylor


Portland, Oregon

What's at the top of your bucket list?
Not dying in an avalanche.

Tell us about your dream trip.
We're up for anything that doesn't involve festering inside a cold tent for weeks at a time.

What's your favorite thing about Next Adventure?
Every single person on the NA team is rad. They're all super knowledgeable and are constantly out doing things! We also love the roots and the very Portland culture that lives inside the store. It's awesome.

What's your favorite product at Next Adventure?
Our favorite product is the excellent wax that the tune shop drizzles on our skis.

Corie Townsend & Andy Traylor

Tell us a little more about yourself!
We like going up and down mountains- whether the going is done using skis, crampons, trail runners, or our bare feet. We spend our Springs trying to climb routes on volcanoes, our Summers beating our running shoes into a pulp, our Falls trying to do hard rock climbs, and our Winters chasing ice and hunting powder. Oh, also we have a really cute dog named Cinder that does most of those things with us (she's a badass).

When we're taking rest days, we enjoy making our house into a sustainable dwelling, reducing our plastic consumption, and gardening.

Tell us a fun fact about yourself.
Corie has seen a lot of movies. Andy has seen some movies but has forgotten about most of them.
We're usually in bed by 9pm.

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