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Next Ambassador Ambassador David Gravette Fishing


David Gravette


Captain Dislocate! Here to save the day...

Portland, Or

What's at the top of your bucket list?
Get my body healthy and keep it that way!

Tell us about your dream trip.
Oh man..... gonna start by hopping out of a helicopter at the top of a powder covered mountain, snowboard my way off a massive cliff, pull my parachute and glide down gracefully to the top of a mountain bike and start my way bombing down a forest trail straight into a nice steep kicker to river, surface strait onto the kayak and start negotiating some river rapids, skim down the last little waterfall into a clear still lake, fishing pole and cold one in hand.... that’ll probably do it...

What's your favorite product at Next Adventure?
I’m definitely always drawn to new kayak equipment and upgrades, but really I’m stoked on everything in there! Damn kid in a candy store...

Next Ambassador Ambassador David Gravette Skateboarding

What's your favorite thing about Next Adventure?
All the good stuff!!! It truly is where you start for your next adventure! The staff is super knowledgeable and friendly. You walk in there with nothing more than a curiosity in something and they will supply you with proper gear, clearly demonstrate how to use it and guide you to the best possible place to try it out!!!

Tell us a little more about yourself!
I grew up in a small town in Washington where animals and nature were a huge part of my childhood! I was enrolled in tracking classes, think we had about 40 pets and I spent all my free time searching for critters! Then when I was 10 I discovered skateboarding and that really changed the direction of my life.. always maintained a love for nature and adventure but skating started to really take off and I was pretty much constantly traveling from age 16... been pro now for almost 12 years and skating has been a great way to see the world but we tend to just stay in the city where the skating is... and that always bothered me. But luckily I’m from the northwest and have a good group of friends who appreciate nature! Plus getting involved with Next Adventure has really kept me satisfied in my outdoor adventuring!!

Tell us a fun fact about yourself.
I used to play the bagpipes when I was young!

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