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Stinger Dry Cover Single Rope - 9.4mm


Stinger Dry Cover Single Rope - 9.4mm


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The Stinger Unicore by BEAL is the single rope preferred for very hard routes. Like the Joker, this rope requires modified belaying technique. Designed for high-level climbers, The Unicore Stinger has a lower abrasion resistance than ropes of greater diameter. The Intensive ropes are designed for hard work in the mountains. Every individual sheath strand has been Dry Cover treated to provide astonishing results: an increase in durability, moisture resistance and suppleness whilst reducing overall weight. All ropes are manufactured using the Thermo Fluid process creating a more compact and supple rope.

  • Light and supple
  • Versatile
  • UniCore Process: A process, bonding rope sheath and core without affecting the rope’s suppleness. If the sheath is cut or torn, the core and sheath remain bonded together
  • ThermoFluid Treatement:An infrared treatment which stabilises the sheath fibers and therefore makes yarns more homogeneous. The result is a more compact, better handling rope.
  • Single rope
  • Dust and moisture resistance
  • Limited water absorption
  • Rope runs smoothly through karabiners and belay devices
  • Abrasion resistance during normal use
  • Type: single
  • Diameter: 9.4 mm
  • Dry Treatment: yes, Dry Cover
  • Diameter: 9.4 mm
  • Rope type: Single rope
  • Percentage of sheath: 38%
  • Number of falls: 9
  • Impact force: 7.5 kn
  • Weight per meter: 57 g