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Naked Climbing Skins (No Clips)

Big Sky Mountain Products

Naked Climbing Skins (No Clips)

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Love your clips but hate your skins? Did that other company’s skin glue turn to unusable goop on you? Want to save money and consume no more than you need? Order a pair of our bombproof nylon climbing skins à la carte and add your own clips. Why would Big Sky Mountain Products make this offer? Because they believe that you should not have to pay more or consume anymore than is necessary to get you moving around in the mountains. Their plush provides the grip and durability people have come to expect from nylon with surprising gliding performance thanks to their soft and supple fibers. As always, Big Sky Mountain Products used their best-in-the-business Goldilox glue which works no matter the conditions.


  • Can fit skis up to 205cm long.
  • Included: 115/130/145mm x 200 cm – Nylon Climbing Skin with tail taper in Blue/Green Pineapple Graphic, BSMP Skin Wax, BSMP Stickers (Post’em up, spread the word)
  • Width Guide: Big Sky Mountain Products recommend that customers use the tail width of their skis as a reference for a standard skin fit. So, if the tail of your ski is 110mm wide, they would suggest a 115mm skin. For those who desire extra grip, purchase a skin wide enough to cover the entirety of your tip. For those desiring extra glide, get a skinnier skin based on your ski’s width underfoot and cut the skin straight to reveal more base at your tip and tail.
  • Claimed Trimmed Skin Weight: Based off 180cm 98mm underfoot ski = 210.6g
  • Manufacturer Warranty: 1 year