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Camalot Z4 Climbing Cam

Black Diamond

Camalot Z4 Climbing Cam

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Born from a heart-to-heart with Black Diamond's top trad-climbing BD Athletes Hazel Findlay, Carlo Traversi, Sam Elias, and Babsi Zangerl, the Camalot Z4 is the realization of a dream: to have a single-stem cam that stays rigid in-hand, but flexes once placed. Behold—the patent-pending RigidFlex stem. Thanks to the independently floating trigger wires the Camalot Z4 doesn’t bend while under tension and retracted, but once placed allows the stem to move, ensuring a placement that stays put and doesn’t walk when pulled directionally. The stem on the larger sizes also utilizes dual twisted cable construction which provides uniform flex in all directions, while single cable construction is implemented on smaller sizes to avoid buckling when pulling hard on the trigger and to reduce trigger profile. Featuring a similar head-width as Black Diamond's old Camalot C3 design, but with 4 lobes that are sandblasted for better holding power, the Z4’s are not only an upgrade, but are also available is smaller sizes—starting from #0, their smallest cam ever made, and ranging to .75, allowing you to dial in the rack, whether you’re gunning for a tips crack in the desert, or going light and fast in the Bugs.


  • RigidFlex stem stays rigid in-hand for easy placement, but flexes once placed to reduce walking
  • Dual twisted cable construction for uniform flex on larger sizes; single cable construction on smaller sizes to avoid buckling and reduce trigger profile
  • Narrow head width for tight placements
  • Sandblasted lobes for better holding power
  • Lightweight yet durable Dynex sling with a unique color scheme for easy identification from other Camalots



Size Claimed Weight Range Strength
0 43 g
(1.51 oz)
7.5-11.8 mm
(0.29" - 0.46")
5 kN
(1,124 lbf)
0.1 45 g
(1.58 oz)
8.8-13.8 mm
(0.34" - 0.54")
5 kN
(1,124 lbf)
0.2 48 g
(1.69 oz)
10.4-16.3 mm
(0.4" - 0.64")
6 kN
(1,349 lbf)
0.3 54 g
(1.9 oz)
12.4-22.6 mm
(0.48" - 0.88")
8 kN
(1,798 lbf)
0.4 61 g
(2.15 oz)
15.3-27.7 mm
(0.6" - 1.09")
9 kN
(2,023 lbf)
0.5 77 g
(2.71 oz)
18.8-33.9 mm
(0.74" - 1.33")
10 kN
(2,248 lbf)
0.75 93 g
(3.28 oz)
23.1-42.1 mm
(0.91" - 1.66")
10 kN
(2,248 lbf)