--Product Information--Adventure Technology Oracle Angler
Product Name: Oracle Angler 220cm
Product Brand: Adventure Technology
Best Use: Kayak Fishing
Sizes Available / Specs:

  • WEIGHT: Straight: 32.5oz / 921g
  • SHAFT LENGTHS: Straight: 220, 230, 240, 250, 260
  • BLADE SIZE: 610cm2

--Test Information--
Location of Test: Oregon Coast, Clackamas River, Sandy River, Scappoose Bay, Columbia River, local lakes.
Duration: 2 months

Value Rating: 10
Durability Rating: 9
Overall Rating: 10

Full Review: The Oracle Angler is an high angle, high performance paddle. With glass blades and a carbon blend shaft the oracle has an awesome mix of light weight responsiveness and durability. I've taken this thing in just about every water condition from calm lakes, to offshore at the coast and it's held up to every fishing situation I've been able to throw at it.

The infinite adjustment options on the ferrule system allow me to get just the right amount of feathering for that day without compromising in a predetermined feathering option like most paddle manufacturers. It also allows for an additional 10cm of length adjustment which is perfect for switching from a narrow boat to a wider platform, or for fishing kayaks that have a high/low position on the seat, it allows you to jump from boat to boat, or from a low to high position without using a different paddle. The oracle is ATs most aggressive fishing blade shape, and it can make it super easy to paddle rough water, or just to quickly move your boat to hold your fishing position.

The Good List: 

  • At $275, even anglers like myself that are ballin' on a budget can get into a high end paddle
  • Lightweight, responsive paddle for dynamic conditions
  • Infinite feathering and 10cm of length adjustment
  • Built in line hook helps to retrieve wayward casts and lures
  • Measuring tape along the shaft helps for bragging rights and photo proof
  • Digi Camo blades help you sneak up the fish

The Not so Good List: 

  • Great for what it should be used for, but the large surface area, high angle blades can be wearing on your joints after a long day on flatwater.
  • There can be a little bit of blade flutter occasionally

The Bottom Line: Amazing, responsive paddle with features custom made for anglers. This is my go to paddle.