Are you just getting into snowboarding? Maybe you're ready to get away from that department store toy and hit the mountain on a real board. This is going to be your fundamental foundation snowboard, something that every beginner rider should start with.


The Arbor Foundation is designed with a true rocker profile so you're not going to be catching the edges as often, really letting you focus on locking in those turns. Another indispensable feature is the Grip Tech. Grip Tech allows you to maintain traction on those edges even through different kinds of conditions like crud and ice.

The Foundation is a lot softer than many other boards currently on the market, this translates into a more forgiving ride in altering conditions. So, whether you're on the groomer you're in the icy stuff or you're in the powder you're going to have some very smooth takeoffs and landings.

This snowboard is priced really well and is definitely a great entry-level board for anybody that's just getting into the sport. You can find the Arbor Foundation exclusively our Sandy location or here on