Despite all expectations, it didn't rain Saturday for The Sunset Trails District Boy Scout Camporee at Trojan PGE Park. NA Outreach Staff was on hand, spreading the good word on drinking water safety, and also having a little fun.

Patrols lined up, (katadyn was kind enough to throw two of their awesome Hiker filters into the arena)...and they pumped.



(R. photo) Even The Bonneville Damn Rangers approved!

Katadyn advertises a pump rate of 1 liter per minute. The fastest time of the day, 43 seconds.

These scouts had quite a day. There was a fire truck with high-powered hose they could shoot, an archery range, throwing axes, shortwave radios and even a helicopter landed.
When it was all set and done we were sure to leave some sweet swag and raffle prizes for the evening's camp-fire festivities. A great way to end a great day.