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We believe in making sure that the great outdoors is accessible to anyone and everyone. We do our part by making sure we have the latest and greatest information on outdoor adventures available for you. In this section you will find how-to guides and articles on the best and safest ways to explore the great outdoors, along with tips & tricks from our instructors and guides.

  1. How to Select a Belay Device for Climbing
  2. A Comprehensive Guide to Climbing Helmets: Differences, Sizing, and Proper Wear
  3. Hiking with your dog: How to begin, safety tips, and gear recommendations.
  4. How to Choose a Backpacking Tent

    How to Choose a Backpacking Tent Ka'elo Lindsey - Aug 3, 2023

  5. How to Choose the Right Hiking Boots

    How to Choose the Right Hiking Boots Ka'elo Lindsey - Jul 28, 2023

  6. How to Buy a Sleeping Pad for Camping & Backpacking
  7. The 10 Essentials for Summer Hiking
  8. Looking to buy a versatile pair of hiking pants before hitting the trail?
  9. Backpacking Food Ideas

    Backpacking Food Ideas Ben Ferguson - Mar 10, 2023

  10. Buying Guide: Knives, Axes, and Tools
  11. Buying Guide: Water Filters

    Buying Guide: Water Filters Ben Ferguson - Dec 23, 2022

  12. Buying Guide: Headlamps

    Buying Guide: Headlamps Ben Ferguson - Dec 22, 2022

  13. Buying Guide: Sleeping Bags

    Buying Guide: Sleeping Bags Ben Ferguson - Dec 15, 2022

  14. Buying Guide: Sleeping Pads

    Buying Guide: Sleeping Pads Ben Ferguson - Dec 15, 2022

  15. Great Sock Giveaway

    Great Sock Giveaway Admin - Nov 29, 2022

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