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We believe in making sure that the great outdoors is accessible to anyone and everyone. We do our part by making sure we have the latest and greatest information on outdoor adventures available for you. In this section you will find how-to guides and articles on the best and safest ways to explore the great outdoors, along with tips & tricks from our instructors and guides.

  1. Free Clinics & Presentations - Winter 2015/2016

    Free Clinics & Presentations - Winter 2015/2016 Greg Hill - Nov 22, 2015

    Free Clinics & Presentations

  2. Wild Mountain Flowers

    Wild Mountain Flowers Greg Hill - Jul 24, 2015

  3. Free Presentations at Next Adventure - Spring 2015
  5. Timberline Lodge Report
  6. Take a Winter Hike (Cascades Snow Report)
  7. 5 Reasons To Try Snowshoeing

    5 Reasons To Try Snowshoeing Admin - Jan 9, 2015

    You know you want to.

  8. Wild on the Pacific Crest Trail
  9. Paddling Resources

    Paddling Resources Admin - Dec 5, 2014

  10. TRIP REPORT:  Tom McCall Preserve Wildflower Hike
  11. Columbia Gorge Wildflowers - Spring 2014
  12. Trip Report: XC-Ski and Snowshoe Tours
  13. Trip Report: Snowshoe & Cross-Country Ski Tours
  14. Hiking the Columbia River Gorge Year-Round
  15. Scappoose Bay Kayaking

    Scappoose Bay Kayaking David Keleher - Sep 5, 2013

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