--Product Information--
Product Name: Mega Jul
Product Brand: Edelrid
Best Use: Belaying and abseiling.
Sizes Available / Specs: Suitable for 7.8 - 10.5 mm ropes

Full ReviewThe Edelrid Megajul Belay device is one of the best all around and most versatile belaying devices on the market today. The Mega Jul can be initially confusing, so check out Josh walk through the many applications in the video below.

The Mega Jul is one of the few auto-locking belay devices that you load from the back to the front which may cause confusion on your first few trips out. The auto-locking feature allows the belayer to use minimal amount of energy and effort all while preventing the climber from enduring a big fall. One of the best features of the Mega Jul is the ability to "open" the belay device with your thumb (as demonstrated in the video) so rope can be paid out faster to a leader. The auto-locking capabilities make this a great belay device for cragging.

Overall, the Mega Jul is an extremely versatile and lightweight belay device with high braking performance that assists the belayer with lead falls. Basically it'll be there for you to protect your climber when you need it most.