Value Rating: 8
Durability Rating: 10
Overall Rating: 8
Location of Test: Lakes
Duration of Test: 3 days
Product Name: Origin Kayak Paddle
Product Brand: Wilderness Systems
Best Use: Recreational and touring kayaking

Wilderness Systems Origin Kayak Paddle

Pre-release review of the all-new Wilderness Systems Origin Kayak Paddle!

The Full Review:
The origin is a brand-new paddle that Wilderness Systems is putting out this year. I got a pre-release chance to take it out on a lake with an Eddyline Rio and paddle around for a couple of hours. The first thing I liked about this paddle was the blade shape. It’s great for touring because it has a large surface area in contact with the water to get power out of each stroke but not to the point where it would wear you out quickly. The other thing I liked was how easy it was to adjust the length and feather angle on the paddle. There are a lot of different paddles on the market that have adjustments for a 2-piece paddle that will often break on you or become extremely loose. This paddle felt like 1 solid piece the whole time I was using it.

The only thing I didn’t like about the paddle was that it has a bit of flex to the blade. I could feel myself losing a bit of the energy I put into each stroke. This is just what you get with a plastic blade though. Compared to other options on the market this is for sure a great design and well-crafted paddle. (It’s also pretty light compared to other plastic blade paddles.)

Wilderness Systems Origin Kayak Paddle

The Good: 
-easy to use

The Bad: 
-some flex to the blade

The Bottom Line: 
All in all, this is the least expensive of the Wilderness Systems brand and I think you get a lot for your money here. It’s got a great blade shape for touring and recreational kayaking. It also has a super smooth and easy to use lever to adjust your length and feather angle. I would recommend this to anyone who is not looking to break the bank but wants a durable and dependable paddle.

Wilderness Systems Origin Kayak Paddle