Value Rating: 10
Durability Rating: 10
Overall Rating: 10
Location of Test: Mt Hood Ski Bowl
Duration of Test: 25+ hours
Product Name: Cynic X Snow Helmet
Product Brand: Pret
Best Use: Anytime to protect your noggin in the snow
Size: S - M - L

Pret Cynic X Snow Helmet

The Full Review:
I have learned to always use a helmet. After incurring a minor head injury from a snowboard, I know that anytime I decide to strap in for fun, this helmet needs to be one of the first items I put on. I have fallen backward while wearing it and would've gotten a severe concussion if it wasn't on. After learning about MIPS, I don't think I would risk my head wearing a non-MIPS helmet. The slightly increased cost of a MIPS helmet is nothing comparable to the potential hospital bills resulting from an injury.

This helmet is comfortable, breathable, warm, and reliable. I love the custom fit from the boa that allows for a snug fit. The color is great and I haven't had any problems with stains. The color matches my outfit and I love how perfect my Next Adventure sticker looks on the side.

Pret Cynic X Snow Helmet

The Good: 
Comfortable, good price and protective are all key aspects that your helmet should be.

The Bad: 
Not a one size fits all! This helmet might not be a perfect fit for your particular head shape; the best way to assure a good fit is to go by Next Adventure and have one of our helmet specialists fit your head with a helmet that's best suited for your head shape and needs!

The Bottom Line: 
Don't be a dummy, wear a helmet.