Value Rating: 5
Durability Rating: 8
Overall Rating: 6
Location of Test: Mission Ridge Ski and Board Resort in Wenatchee, WA
Duration of Test: A few laps
Product Name: 2021 Goliath
Product Brand: Bataleon
Best Use: Freestyle / All Mountain

2021 Bataleon Goliath Snowboard

The Full Review:
The Full Review: Super fun board. Great graphic for the 2021 season. For how big/wide the board I took out was, it was very maneuverable through tight sections and turned very quickly. The response was great. The spoon shape is enjoyable and you can feel it assist in your toe to heel transitions. It was my first time riding a spoon-shape and I was thoroughly impressed.
Spinning was great and the board felt shorter and lighter for how wide the board was. The Bataleon Goliath is SUPER SUPER fast and buttering on the groom was one of my favorite things to do on this board. I didn’t get a chance to use it in some fresh powder, but I think it would be very fun in those situations. 


The Good: 
Fun spoon shape. Very Fast.

The Bad: 
Might feel too surfy or squirrelly for some riders.

The Bottom Line: 
Great value for this very fun/ versatile board!

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