Value Rating: 9
Durability Rating: 9
Overall Rating: 10
Location of Test: Mission Ridge Ski and Board Resort in Wenatchee, WA
Duration of Test: A few laps
Product Name: 2021 Travis Rice Orca
Product Brand: Lib Tech
Best Use: All Mountain, Freeride, Powder
Sizes Available/Specs: 153cm


Lib Tech T Rice Orca Snowboard

The Full Review:
The Full Review: The hype is REAL! This was my favorite board of the second day at Mission Ridge Demo Days and placed 2nd out of 11 boards over both days combined. This 153 was the shortest board I’ve ever ridden. I am 6’4", 165 lbs and it was AMAZING! There was no new snow but I can already tell it would be so fun on a powder day! On the groom it was fast, responsive, and held an edge exceptionally well. It was a champ in the ice and even felt solid when landing drops onto icy surfaces. The board is very setback but it never slipped out of felt unsteady with the extra short tail.

When this board gets into the air it is a DREAM! Since it is so fat and stable it can be ridden very short! This allows for quick and fun spins, amazing ease of landing since you basically eliminate accidental back-seat landings (because there IS no back-seat!) The nose is nice and big and nose butters are really fun. Back presses are a little harder because of lack of tail, but this board is still able to ride switch somehow without feeling like the nose (now tail when riding switch) is way too big.

The Good: 
Fun, fast, great edge, weight, it's awesome!

The Bad: 
Lack of tail for your tail related presses and tricks.

The Bottom Line: 
10/10 board, highly recommend, size down ~8 cm and get an Orca!

Lib Tech T Rice Orca Snowboard