I’ve got the Forest Dojo bibs by 686 that I’m currently riding with and I couldn’t ask for a better bib. They’re really toasty but also have vents on the thighs in case you’re getting a little too warm. They’ve got a built in belt which I love because I like to get my pants baggy so this feature helps them hold around my waist. One of my favorite things about these is they have six pockets! One of which has a clip so your car keys can clip on and you’ll never lose them! I also absolutely love the artwork from Forest Dojo.

When it comes to quality and durability, I will always rep 686. They make amazing quality stuff that doesn’t wear and tear super-fast. I mean I’ve hit a few trees and not even a string has come loose. They cinch nice around your boot to avoid getting snow on your socks. I came out of a pair of Volcom pants and while they were good for a season, they became beat up and torn pretty fast. They weren’t nearly as warm as the Dojo bibs and didn’t cinch around my boot. While they were great pants nothing tops the 686 Forest Dojo bibs!

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