Value Rating: 10
Durability Rating: 7
Overall Rating: 8
Location of Test: Mt. Hood
Duration of Test: Winter and Spring seasons
Product Name: Polarized Glacier Glasses
Product Brand: Airblaster
Best Use: Snow Environments, especially on sunny days

Airblaster Polarized Glacier SunglassesAirblaster Polarized Glacier SunglassesAirblaster Polarized Glacier SunglassesAirblaster Polarized Glacier Sunglasses

The Full Review:
Airblaster Glacier Glasses are an extremely important piece of gear for any day on the slopes. The intensity of the sun reflecting off the snow is something not to be messed with, and lack of eye protection can and will cause serious eye damage.

Unlike most proper eye protection for the mountain which is usually quite expensive, the Airblaster Glacier Glasses are about ¼ the cost of competing brands -all day, every day- helping to save us all from a personal financial crisis. They have polarized lenses and a leather side cover for protection against the sun's reflection through the side gap of traditional sunglasses. During heavy exertion, they stay surprisingly fog free and feel secure on your face, even during high-speed descents or park lap falls. They even come with a built-in strap to keep them around your neck should they fall off. What more can you really ask for in a pair of shades?

During various uses, from snowboarding on a spring day to avoid Goggle sweat, climbing Mt. Hood, or blocking out the sun on a drive home, these are the perfect Glacier Glasses for people looking to get into mountain sports without breaking the bank to those who want an inexpensive beater pair of full coverage shades.

Airblaster Polarized Glacier Sunglasses

The Good
Inexpensive, well made, polarized, 3 color options.

The Bad: 
Obviously won't have the same quality lens or overall feel of $100+ Glacier Glasses.

The Bottom Line: 
A no-brainer for anyone from beginner buying their first pair of Glacier Glasses to the expert who wants a solid beater pair for those chill mountain days.

Airblaster Polarized Glacier Sunglasses Airblaster Polarized Glacier Sunglasses