Value Rating: 8
Durability Rating: 5
Overall Rating: 8
Location of Test: Wallowas, Three Sisters
Duration of Test: 8 days on trail
Product Name: Lone Peak 4.0
Product Brand: Altra
Best Use: Hiking,backpacking, and trail running

Altra Lone Peak 4
Altra Lone Peak 4 Altra Lone Peak 4

The Full Review:
It took me a while to give trail runners a chance. As a backpacker, I have always worn boots. For generations this has been the norm. Finally, a friend of mine talked me into trying the Altra Lone Peak 4.0. I rarely hike in anything else these days. As it turns out, many trails in the lower 48 are maintained to a degree that makes boots feel like overkill. I discovered this on one of America's classic hikes: The John Muir Trail.

I took a pair of Lone Peak’s and was immediately surprised by the comfort. The lack of ankle support made me nervous at first, but as I hiked, I found myself trusting my feet more and more. Trail runners give the wearer a more direct feeling of the ground beneath their feet. This results in more awareness of what you are walking on. I felt light on my feet and able to make more decisive motions. Plus, the wide toe box eliminates toe blisters. My feet were left feeling relatively happy at the end of each day.

The Lone Peak 4.0's are my favorite Altra trail shoe so far. The TrailClaw tread gives you insane traction, even on volcanic soil and polished granite. Lone Peak snugged up the fit over the 3.0, making them significantly more stable on trail that isn't flat. I opted for the model without the waterproofing and I do not regret it. Yes, your feet can get wet, but if you wear a wool sock your feet will stay relatively warm. I have found that hot feet can lead to blisters much faster. I would opt for the waterproof Lone Peak 4.0 Mid RSM with e-vent if you are hiking consistently in wet and cold weather.

The main downside (as with all Altras) is the durability. It took only 60 miles of hiking for them to begin to form an abrasion at the cuff near my ankle and the sole on the toe began to peel away. They are almost comically flimsy, but the good outweighs the bad. If your feet keep you from hiking because you end up with blisters after each mile, give the Lone Peak 4.0 a try.

Altra Lone Peak 4

The Good: 
These shoes are insanely comfy for long trail days. If you hike exclusively on trail in fair weather, look no further.

The Bad: 
They are not durable whatsoever. If you are hard on your gear or spend time off trail, stick with boots.

The Bottom Line: 
Altra has made some serious improvements to an already excellent product. My only gripe is their poor durability. Maybe one day they'll make a shoe that lasts more than 500 miles.