Value Rating: 7
Durability Rating: 7
Overall Rating: 9
Location of Test: Lots of crags around the PNW
Duration of Test: 1 year
Product Name: Hoodwire Quickdraws
Product Brand: Black Diamond
Best Use: Sport Climbing, Ice Climbing
12cm long dogbone
81g each
24kN strength

The Full Review:
The Hoodwire Quickdraw from Black Diamond is the perfect carabiner if you are looking to save weight with wire-gate biners and still have the anti-snag feature on the nose.

I like to use these carabiners for almost anything. Multi-pitch climbing, trad climbing, ice climbing and sport climbing. The low weight makes them easy to carry, and you definitely feel a difference between carrying the Hoodwires or other heavier quickdraws.

With a 12mm dynex dogbone, it's not the most comfortable to grab when projecting a route, but I would trade that discomfort any day for the weight savings.

The wire gate has a really nice snap to it, and clipping the rope is a breeze. It's got that high-quality gate feel to it. The other benefit of the wire gate is that it does not freeze shut in really cold temperatures. A must when ice-climbing.

Black Diamond Hoodwire

The Good: 
Really lightweight performance quickdraws that perform amazingly in all disciplines and conditions.
Clips really nicely
The anti-snag hood works great

Black Diamond Hoodwire

The Bad: 
Great value for equivalent quickdraws but definitely a higher price point than other options.
Not as durable as heavier quickdraws
Anti-snag hood makes it just slightly bulkier nose and sometimes won't fit in crowded bolt hangers.

Black Diamond Hoodwire

The Bottom Line: 
If I had to buy these again, I would. You get what you pay for, low-weight, high-quality draws that perform amazingly.