Value Rating: 10
Durability Rating: 10
Overall Rating: 10
Location of Test: Clackamas River, White Salmon River
Duration of Test: 20 Miles
Product Name: Axiom
Product Brand: Dagger
Best Use: Whitewater Rivers
Sizes: 6.9 (kids) - 8.0 (small) - 8.5 (medium) - 9.0 (large)

Dagger Axiom

The Full Review:
The axiom is one of my favorite downriver playboats. This boat has some nice rocker which skips over holes unlike its predecessor, the RPM. It also features some significant edge, so it snaps nicely in and out of eddies. The flat planing hull allows this boat to surf smoothly on waves without getting spun out easily. The Axiom features a low-volume "slicey" Stern which allows you to do stern squirts and very effective pivot turns.

Overall this boat is very maneuverable and stable. The stability makes it a great boat for a beginner. There is a decent amount of volume packed in around the knees keeping you on top of the water. There are definitely people pushing the limits of this boat and taking it out on higher volume rivers and class 5 creeks without a problem.

Dagger Axiom Dagger Axiom

The Good
Surfs like a dream
Good amount of rocker
Fun edges
Playful stern
Roomie cockpit
Most comfortable outfitting in the industry
Super stable

The Bad: 
Slicey stern is great for play but not fun on challenging whitewater

The Bottom Line: 
For those who are looking to challenge themselves a little bit, get some play out of their boat, or make a local run more interesting the Axiom is the boat for you. Check out some YouTube videos and come demo one at Next Adventure for free.

Dagger Axiom