Value Rating: 8
Durability Rating: 8
Overall Rating: 8
Location of Test: All over the great state of Oregon
Duration of Test: 6 months
Product Name: Light Hiker Crew Sock
Product Brand: Fits
Best Use: Hiking, Everyday wear
Size: Small through X-Large.

Lightweight, cushioned footbed, graduated compression throughout.

Fits Light Hiker Crew Sock

The Full Review:
They fit so well! I usually have extra fabric in the toes of my socks that end up rubbing at creating blisters. These have a tapered toe, therefore less fabric to rub around. They are also “Y” stitched in the heel so you get a sock that stays in place, also helps with avoiding blisters. The graduated compression in the sock helps them to keep your arches feeling fresh after a day of walking around. They also stay up on your calves.

I would have given these socks a 10 for their rating if it wasn’t for the pilling and warranty. They are guaranteed for 2 years and have a simple online form you can fill out and send them back. If I didn’t throw them in the dryer, it's possible they would hold up better but the ease is too enticing. For the same ballpark price as Darn Tough or Wigwam, I think they should last as long. They haven’t worn enough yet for me to have been actually affected by the pilling, but I’m afraid they might wear thin soon.

The Good: 
They fit incredibly well. It’s implied in the name but holds true.

The Bad: 
They pill slightly at the top of the instep for me. That’s the only issue I've had, but I think over time they will wear thin. I have had them for at least 6 months and throw them in the dryer every time I wash and they are still thick and soft.

The Bottom Line: 
Very comfortable, well-fitting socks that are soft, made with merino wool for thermo-regulation and sweat-wicking, and stay put on your feet.