Value Rating: 10
Durability Rating: 10
Overall Rating: Mt. Hood National Forest
Duration of Test: Multiple days
Product Name: 2022 Fathom Splitboard
Product Brand: Niche Snowboards

2021 Niche Fathom Snowboard

Best Use:
Touring in the backcountry/sidecountry of course! Handles really well in variable snow and ice also. On Mt. Hood having a board that can handle type of snow on the mountain is crucial and the ability to handle through icy steep terrain is an absolute must. This board left me feeling confident anywhere I went on the mountain whether I was in touring mode or snowboarding on it.


The Full Review:
Mimicking the shape of the Maelstrom and Hawthorne from the Niche lineup, the Fathom feels almost exactly the same when in riding it. The best part is you don't feel much of a difference at all between the Fathom and the normal Maelstrom that doesn't turn into a split. Because of the side cut the transition from edge to edge is much quick than other splitboards I've ridden which is hugely beneficial when riding super steep technical terrain.

This board is also a dream in powder, floats effortlessly, and is substantially lighter than most other splitboards I've ridden. The clamping mechanisms are also more straightforward and user friendly than the last setup I had. Besides the fact that this board rips its also made sustainably from eco friendly materials.. what more could you want?

The Good: 
Transitioning from your normal Niche snowboard to their Splitboard will be a breeze. This board is everything I want in a splitboard, lightweight, durable, poppy, flexible, and easy to maneuver.

The Bad: 
There is a limited size run right now, which makes some sizes unavailable. The last thing you want to do is get on a splitboard that's too big/too small for you.

The Bottom Line: 
This eco-friendly splitboard will make you want to get out on it every day! In addition to the benefits of a lighter, sustainably based process of being made, the graphics are conceptualized and brought to life by one of the female founders of this company, which in my opinion is enough to support it all on its own.

2021 Niche Fathom Snowboard
2021 Niche Fathom Snowboard

2021 Niche Fathom Snowboard