Value Rating: 9
Durability Rating: 8
Overall Rating: 10
Location of Test: Work, the gym, and daily outdoor activities.
Duration of Test: 2 - 10 hours at a time.
Product Name: Clifton 7 and 8 Running Shoes
Product Brand: Hoka
Best Use: Multi-Purpose Trainer!

The Good: 

The Full Review:
The Hoka Clifton 7 and the newer Clifton 8 running shoes are the full package! Imagine having that superb cushioning you want in a high-performance running shoe while maintaining a stable and lightweight platform. I loved my original Hoka Clifton 7’s and couldn’t wait to get my feet into the Clifton 8!

As a person who was diagnosed with Scoliosis at the early age of 12, I have struggled with hip pain for years. Whether it’s a 10-hour shift on my feet all day, going for a run, or walking my dog, these are the first shoes that work for me.

I had found some relief through physical therapy and regular visits to the chiropractor but they couldn’t provide the daily support and relief that I needed. Then I tried the Hoka Clifton running shoes. My days have become a lot smoother with the support the Clifton’s give me. I no longer go to bed sore, leaving me sleepless.

The Clifton is a great multi-purpose daily trainer, the rocker in the midsole helps with easy transitions while needing less energy to do so, especially over longer periods of cardiovascular exercise. Also, for anyone that has flat feet, the Clifton provides an amazing fit and allows your feet to not feel compromised by the shoe.

I love these shoes so much I own them both!

Hoka Clifton 7 & 8 running shoes

Below is a hiking picture in my Clifton 7s! I found both the Hoke Clifton 7 and the Hoka Clifton 8 fit snugly around the ankle, keeping me stable on and off the trail! And yes, if you are wondering, the dog featured is a very good doggo, a rescue, MAYA! I love my shoes, and I love using them to keep up on daily activities with her! People tested, dog approved!
Hiking in Hoka Clifton 7 running shoes