Value Rating: 9
Durability Rating: 9
Overall Rating: 9
Location of Test: North Bonneville DGC, Blue Lake DGC, Pier Park DGC
Duration of Test: 3 weeks
Product Name: Star Katana
Product Brand: Innova
Best Use: Downwind Distance Driver

Diameter: 21.2 cm
Weight: 172g (160-175)
Speed: 13
Glide: 5
Turn: -3
Fade: 3

Innova Star Katana

The Full Review:
I picked up this Star Katana from Innova because my buddy, Jo, has been throwing one since well before I started playing disc golf with him. After throwing it (and definitely not losing it) I realized that it was very similar to my current favorite distance driver the Daedalus.

Innova Star Katana

The major differences are that the Katana is a bit more focused on finesse versus power. I find when I huck my Daedalus as hard as I can, I get a predictable under-stable curve. The Katana is more over-stable and seems to fly more towards my liking when I throw it with 100% technique as my focus and not necessarily power.

Innova Star Katana Innova Star Katana

I also find that it performs a bit more consistently going against a headwind. Overall, I'm glad to add a comparable distance driver to my quiver that is a bit more technically focused than my Daedalus.

Innova Star Katana

The Good
Flies similarly to my favorite driver, The Daedalus. Goes RIDICULOUSLY FAR with a solid tailwind. Star plastic, ideal weight of 172g, dope color.

The Bad:
My color choice sometimes makes it hard to find but that's not an issue the majority of the time because I can land it on the fairway.

The Bottom Line: 
This is a great disc for someone who is looking for a more technical, over-stable distance driver, and would consider themselves an "intermediate" player. Performs well against headwinds but truly shines when thrown with a strong tailwind.