--Product Information--
Product Name: Remix 79
Product Brand: Liquid Logic
Best Use: River Running

--Test Information--
Location of Test: Bull Run, NF Washougal
Duration: 12 hrs

Full Review: It's always fun to get out in a different boat. With a little bit of rain and snow melt, Bull Run turns into a great dawn patrol and an excellent spot to test out the abilities of a different craft. We teach some of our basic creeking courses on the run and I chose the remix for my last dawn patrol and headed to bull run for some big water 'creeking'.

The Remix is a fast and agile river runner. A low rocker profile and narrowed hull profile help make it a fast boat. It has a spooned tail that sheds water quickly, though sometimes contributing to stern squirts if you've shifted your weight back too far. It's quick acceleration and ability to hold a line at speed make it a treat on big water. If you're wave scouting and find yourself staring into a bit of a hole simply turn and drive and the remix will plow through carrying you with it. The outfitting is the standard Liquid logic fair, easy to adjust and relatively comfortable. The interchangeable hip pads and shims allow for a snug fit .

As a creek boat the same characteristic that make the remix a treat on big water sometimes work against it. Stern squirting into large holes or driving too straight through technical rapids make it a challenging boat. That said it is a favorite among many paddlers and can be an amazing boat for creeking once you've mastered its strengths. On big drops the remix goes deep thanks to that narrow shape and lower volume.

Liquid Logic Remix 79
Photo courtesy of Liquid Logic

The Good List: Fast, agile, and a great river runner

The Not so Good List: Outfitting isn't as comfortable as others in industry and there's a bit of a learning curve as a creek boat

The Bottom Line: A great river runner with the capabilities of a creek boat for the willing. Fun to paddle and an excellent race boat.