--Product Information--
Product Name: Carolina 12
Product Brand: Perception
Best Use: Recreational kayaking
Sizes Available / Specs: 12

--Test Information-- 
Location of Test: Willamete river 
Duration: 6 months

Value Rating: 7
Durability Rating: 8
Overall Rating: 8

Perception Carolina 12 Kayak

Full Review: The Carolina 12 is a fun recreational kayak for cruising around on flat water lakes and slow moving rivers. With it's open cockpit design it is readily accessible to even the most nervous paddlers. Combine that with a wide hull and excellent stability, and you have a perfect boat for introducing your friends to paddling. This is one of the boats many of our tours are led in and clients are constantly commenting on the stability and ease of use.

While not as fast as other boats in its class, the Carolina is easy to paddle and tracks very well. Dual running lines on the hull allow it to keep forward momentum with relative ease and help those wayward paddlers stay on track. The Carolina 12 has fore and aft sealed bulkheads, so bringing that picnic along and keeping it d,y even if you flip can now be a reality! If you flip this boat it is highly unlikely to swamp completely making rescue a breeze. Full length deck lines further assist in sun an occurrence.

At 12 fifths Carolina is easy to transport and it's plastic is durable enough for running aground if you haven't mastered dock entries and exits. All in all this is a sound recreational kayak and the price point is as nice as it is to paddle.

"The Good" List: Sealed fore and aft bulkheads.  Easy to paddle and very stable

"The Not so Good List": Could use more padding if you shoulder carry it, but solve this problem by paddling with a friend!

The Bottom Line: A fun recreational kayak for those looking for stability, safety, and the ability to carry more things on the water and keep them dry.