Value Rating: 8
Durability Rating: 8
Overall Rating: 8
Location of Test: North Wales and the Peak District, UK
Duration of Test: 2 weeks
Product Name: Sama Climbing Harness
Product Brand: Petzl
Best Use: Indoor climbing, Sport climbing, Trad Climbing

Petzl Sama Climbing Harness

The Full Review:
This is the most comfortable all-around harness that I've ever worn. Petzl has really outdone themselves with the redesign of the classic Sama. The technical features have not changed since the previous year, but what has changed is the color. It now boasts a super stylish mottled grey, that, in my opinion, is way sleeker than last year’s orangy/red.

I used to own the Hirundos, Petzl's lightweight harness but was looking for something a bit more comfortable as I had planned on doing a lot of long multi-pitch routes. The Sama Climbing Harness still packs pretty small and isn't that much heavier. What I did like about it over the Hirundos is that all that extra padding won't irritate your skin as much when climbing without a shirt on. The beefy belay loop is also going to last much longer. I think that this harness is going to last me at least 2-3 years, if not more. My only complaint about this harness is that the more padding you add, the more breathability you lose. On those warm days, you'll be likely to have a sweat ring around your hips.

Petzl Sama Climbing Harness

The Good: 
Super Comfortable
Great for sport and trad
Can hang in it for days.

The Bad:
Not very breathable
A tiny bit bulky compared to other sport climbing harnesses

The Bottom Line: 
This is probably the most loved/top rated harness on the market right now. No matter what your climbing style is, it's going to work for you, and you're going to love this thing!