I got the Rome SDS Whiteroom Splitboard at the start of the 13/14 season for a lighter splitboard setup. Although I love my Venture Zephyr, I was sick of getting smoked on the uphill due to the heavier setup. With close to 30 days on this deck, I've been pretty impressed! The board is a blast in the powder and nice on the skin track. I weigh about 185 lbs and went with the 165cm, which seemed to work perfectly.

Sunset in Zigzag Canyon
The board comes in at 6 lbs 13 oz, which is pretty good compared to most splitboards. It uses Rome's Powder-S camber, which is camber under the back foot with plenty of rocker in the nose. This shape allows for effortless float in powder, but a solid edge in variable conditions. The camber also helps efficiency on the skin track. Overall the board is pretty soft, but with the camber under the back foot, it's still pretty responsive. The soft nose adds to the performance in the deep snow. The sintered base makes for a fast ride and accepts wax well. I did notice the base was much softer than the Venture bases. After 30 days splitting on a low snow year, it definitely has some battle scars. The Whiteroom uses Karakoram clips for the board attachment rather than Voile hooks. The board clips have held up well, and you can adjust the tension on them as the board ages, which is a cool feature. The tip and tail clip, however, seems to wear out must faster than Voile's clips. It seems like it is a softer plastic that gets chewed up faster.Overall though, this board rides great! It works best in powder, where it feels very surfy and floats with ease. For being a powder board though, it still holds an edge well. I felt totally comfortable weaving around crevasses on White River Glacier in variable snow. Even in the 165, it seemed quick edge to edge through the trees.

Powder in Zigzag Canyon

I would definitely recommend this deck to anyone looking to chase powder. The board is affordable, lightweight, and a blast to ride. Get a deal on the Whiteroom today!