Value Rating: 10
Durability Rating: 10
Overall Rating: 10
Location of Test: Over a dozen states, many bodies of water, hiking trails and parks.
Duration of Test: 1+ year
Product Name: Front Range Harness
Product Brand: Ruffwear
Best Use: Dogs and their handlers. Just about anything a dog may want to do.

Front Range Harness

The Full Review:
My dog has lived in this harness through many trips. It's our go-to for simple restroom outings but is well constructed and burly enough to handle pup crawls (you pub crawl while your dog finds cool things under the tables). I keep thinking I'll need to replace it soon based on my dog's wear-through rates, but it has held up to daily use for over a year and the only thing noticeable to its wear is a bit of the reflectivity is worn.

I love the front attachment point. Since my dog is a natural leader (insert eye roll here), this helps him know he's too far ahead of the pack by pulling his chest off centenary, correcting only when he slows down to my pace. The harness webbing fits in all the right spots, so I don't think twice about letting him wrestle new friends or sleep overnight.

Front Range Harness

The Good: 
So much! Where to begin?

My pup bows at me when I bring the harness out. Knowing it's adventure time, I get a well-behaved pup while we finish grabbing gear. Then, when the pulling begins, I can relax knowing the pressure is distributed through his body and avoid having the nearest person think Darth Vader is behind them.

When it's time to wash the beach smell, belly crawled under brewery tables, ran through all the mud on the trail situations, it's incredibly easy to bring in the shower with you and scrub it back to new.

My dog looks less like a mangey, lost sole and like someone out there has claimed him.

I have an easy place to harness the core of his momentum to load up, down or scooch the pooch as needed.

Front Range Harness

The Bad:
You will make unintended friends who love their dog's harness so much they just had to tell you that your dog's matching one is great. I swear this happens 9/10 times we go to the dog park. Yay for Oregon made pride!

Also, if your dog is the same color and wearing the same harness as their new playmate, you might forget which dog you brought to the park and take the wrong one home.

I want all the colors.

If I see your dog wearing a different harness, I have to refrain from telling you this one is best. Because I don't want you to think I think I'm a better dog parent...although I believe you'd be a better one if your pup has this harness.

Front Range Harness

The Bottom Line: 
Get one.
In fact, I am secretly hoping all my friends get dogs so I can give them this harness as a gift.

I might also be that dog owner who winks at you when I see your dog wearing their Front Range, sorry if that's creepy.