4 years ago, Salomon came out with the X/Max, since then I have not found a boot with better fit, performance, and quality. This year, new for 2019, is the Salomon S/Max. The S/Max 130 replaced the X max 130, with some noticeable changes.

First, the standout feature of the S/MAX 130 is its low profile and volume design. Basically, the shell is smaller with a very thin and dense liner. This does a few things that, personally, are crucial for performance while sacrificing a few luxuries. They are extremely lightweight, and since your foot is only separated from the stiff shell by a very dense thin liner, these boots are very responsive and translate your every move into the skis quickly. However, since they are thin and tight, it is easy for your feet to get cold and/or numb, when this happens you can loosen the boot or take them off for a few minutes.

Second, the boots are completely customizable. Both the shell and the liner can be molded to fit your foot perfectly and are designed to do so. While lots of companies claim this, the materials are not always as strong after the mold. I have experienced this with other boots that loosened up after molding.

Lastly, the boots are overall solid. From my firsthand experience and that of other friends, it’s safe to say that they are durable. While very high performance they do not lack the looks, all white makes them really look as light and futuristic as they are. They also have a built-in power strap; this is very nice because I always remove the built-in strap and replace it with a similar one to what Salomon sets you up with here (very important for keeping your boot tight but not cutting off circulation). All in all, if you are an aggressive skier and want the highest performance boot GET THE SALOMON S/MAX 130.

Salomon S/Max Ski Boot