Value Rating: 9
Durability Rating: 8
Overall Rating: 9
Location of Test: Ojai, CA
Duration of Test: 2 Days
Product Name: LiteMax Titanium Camp Stove
Product Brand: Snow Peak
Best Use: Backpacking
Weight: 1.9oz

LiteMax stove

The Full Review:
While this stove isn't the most fuel efficient, it is still a great lightweight cooking option, and the low weight of the stove itself can a lot of the time balance out the extra weight you may be carrying with more fuel. With sturdy pot support arms and a handy little carrying pouch, the Snow Peak LiteMax is an easy-to-use, lightweight stove great for any backcountry cooking setup!

LiteMax stove

The Good
Both the weight of this canister stove and it's packable size are huge benefits to this piece of gear! The three long pot support arms make are sturdy enough to handle a variety of pots and pans.

The Bad: 
While the stove itself only weighs 1.9oz, the boil time is approximately 4 minutes 30 seconds, which is longer than a lot of other canister stoves on the market right now.

The Bottom Line: 
This canister stove is an incredible addition to any lightweight backpacking setup. Weighing in at a mere 1.9oz, this stove is great for any backpacking trip, of any duration.