Value Rating: 10
Durability Rating: 8
Overall Rating: 9
Location of Test: Scappoose Bay Paddle Center
Duration of Test: Over 5 weekends, 10-15 hours
Product Name: MAW Glove
Product Brand: Stohlquist
Best Use: Recreational paddling


The Full Review:
I have over 10 hours of paddling in the Stohlquist Maw gloves, those hours consisted of rain, sun, cold weather, warm weather, dropping in water and much more. After all those hours I came to the conclusion that I would recommend the Maw gloves, my hands stayed warm, dry and overall gripped multiple paddles perfectly.

The one thing I would recommend when buying these gloves is grabbing one size larger than normal, they are still a tight fit with going up in size but less likely to have glue rip on the fingertips. So if you need a nice flatwater paddle glove I have no worries recommending these.

The Good: 
They are comfortable, warm when needed, not to warm though on hot days and grip multiple paddle styles amazingly.

The Bad: 
The glue on the fingers can rip if you don't select the correct size, so go up one size. You won’t notice a difference!

The Bottom Line: 
You'll never regret the purchase. This is a high-quality glove for a low price.