Value Rating: 10
Durability Rating: 10
Overall Rating: 10
Location of Test: Backcountry Tours and Resort days
Duration of Test: 6 months
Product Name: Trooper II MIPS Helmet
Product Brand: Sweet Protection
Best Use: Ski Resort, Backcountry

Sweet Protection Helmet

The Full Review:
Dangggg this helmet is just so darn comfy. I’ve had this helmet for 6 months now and love it. Comfort for me is always the first thing. If it ain't comfortable, I won’t wear it. Style is usually another thing I look for, but sweet protection has always made good looking products so that wasn't a question here. The trooper helmet also offers flaps that go over the ears that keep you nice and warm. And because of the ventilation slits, you can still hear quite well.

That brings me to my next point. Ventilation is a big thing for helmets that are not always thought about. As I said, the ears have great ventilation, but the front of the helmet also has 2 tabs you can open and close to provide more or less airflow if needed. This is great on cold days where you might end up doing some tours uphill and start to get hot but don't feel like putting your helmet in your pack. Another feature this helmet offers is a padded chin strap. If you have ever had a helmet strap annoyingly rub against your neck all day, you know this is a plus for sure. Lastly, this helmet offers the MIPS technology which prevents pressure on the neck when impact occurs.

Sweet Protection Helmet

The Good: 
Awesome ventilation!!
Padded chin strap!

The Bottom Line: 
This helmet is comfy, offers great ventilation, and will protect your noggin without a doubt! I use is for resort days, backcountry, and even some mountaineering.