Value Rating: 10
Durability Rating: 9
Overall Rating: 10
Location of Test: Mount Hood Meadows, Timberline Lodge, Mt. Hood Skibowl
Duration of Test: 2 weeks
Product Name: Revolt 95 Skis
Product Brand: Völkl
Best Use: Park ski, in or out of the park

Völkl Revolt 95 Skis

Photo by Arni Custodio @arnic_photography


The Full Review:
They say that no ski does it all. And they’re right, no ski can do everything. But if you look at the world through jib-tinted lenses, then you will see no limit to the Revolt 95’s potential. Inside of the park, this ski is sturdy where it needs to be, yet soft enough in the tips and tails to slice butters like a hot knife. I found myself comfortably gapping into the flats of kinked rails, trusting the full sidewall to hold on blunt impacts. On jumps, this ski is loaded with pop in its rockered tips and tails, inviting carves, nollies, and butter takeoffs. A surprisingly nimble swing weight meshes with a slightly wide underfoot width for effortless spins and sturdy landings.

This ski was exceptional in the terrain park, but it found its true spotlight outside of the park, scouring the naturally playful features of Mt. Hood Meadows. The modest, but purposeful directional profile of the Revolts made for a charging, fall-line oriented ski that still offered all of the snappy, buttery goods that made it a great park ski. The 130mm wide tip allowed the noses to surf over slush or humble powder, unlocking jib versatility traditionally reserved for only the most well-groomed snow.

The Good:
Dynamic flex pattern
Subtle directionality
Smooth rocker
Full sidewall
Versatile width
Cool creature graphic

The Bottom Line:
There aren’t many skis that check all these boxes. The combination of price and performance should make this a go-to weapon for any skier who makes the world their terrain park.