Value Rating: 10
Durability Rating: 10
Overall Rating: 10
Location of Test: Willamette River
Duration of Test: 6 days, 122 miles
Product Name: Ikelos Touring Paddle
Product Brand: Werner
Best Use: Aggressive Touring, Fast strokes
Sizes: 200cm - 230cm straight or bent shaft

Werner Ikelos Kayak Paddle

The Full Review:
This is a killer paddle. I just returned from a 6-day 122-mile trip down the Willamette River and I had the Werner Ikelos Paddle in my hand every minute I was on the water. It's so light and so strong! There is zero flex in the paddle even when I power through the water as hard as I can, maybe I'm weak, maybe this paddle is just fricken strong. The extremely light weight of the paddle, due to its full carbon fiber construction, makes it feel like you are swinging air. Even after 5 to 8 hours on the water I never rolled into camp completely exhausted. I chalk that up to having this paddle in my hand.

Werner Ikelos Kayak Paddle

The blade on this paddle is worth its own paragraph. Where to start. First, it has a built-in reinforcement edge called Dynel edges. This is a sort of roping system wedged into the edges of this blade to add extra reinforcement which helps protect the life of the blade. Second, it has an extremely smooth back face which allows for a very silent entry and a smooth recovery with each stroke. The full-sized blade also allows you to accelerate very fast as well as add extra agility to your kayak by maneuvering more water with each stroke. This is all done with nothing more than a flutter of your paddle.

Werner Ikelos Kayak Paddle

Another nice feature of this paddle is the easy to use ferrule system. The release button is flush with the shaft so there is nothing to snag on. The feathering degree ranges from 60 degrees left to 60 degrees right in 15-degree increments. It's so easy to use and change while paddling to really get you dialed into what works best for you.

The Good
Lightweight, strong paddle
Full carbon fiber construction
Full-sized blade means moving more water with each stroke, you'll move fast
Plenty of options between bent and straight shaft
Easy to use
Energy saving

The Bad: 
High entry cost
Not the most impact resistant

The Bottom Line: 
You won't even know it's in your hands.