The Wilderness Technology Helium cot is a car camper’s dream! Its quick setup time and minimal pack-down size make it perfect for any weekend warrior looking to escape the heat, overland a new path or spend a night by the river.

Wilderness Technology Helium Cot

Many car camping fanatics (shown on YouTube and Instagram that is) build custom and deluxe wooden platforms for the back of their vehicle to sleep in during their journey. While these are great for someone committed to a life on the road, they are far from ideal for anyone looking to use the backseat space of their car 5 days a week. The Helium cot bridges the gap for anyone looking to turn their car into the ultimate weekend camping rig.

Weighing in at 3.96 lbs packed, the Helium cot works on the trail for a backpacker who is willing to compromise a little weight for an improved night’s sleep. With roughly 6” of space underneath the cot, you have a useful amount of storage space for a propane stove, utility box, or for those daring winter nomads: a pair of skis or snowboard.

  1. Helium Folding Cot

  2. Wilderness Technology Front Range Pad

I tested out the cot for a weekend camping trip to the Oregon coast. With the cot being just over 6 ft long, I was able to put down the back seats of my SUV and lay it flush with plenty of space on the open side for a cooler and duffle bag. With a straightforward design, the cot took less than 5 minutes to put together for the first time. The mesh sheet provided the proper amount of tension to wiggle around in the night and feel comfortable and secure. If you are looking for extra comfort, you can always throw a light sleeping pad such as the Wilderness Technology Front Range pad on top for additional padding. After a full day of activity on the coast, I woke up the next morning feeling loose and relaxed after my night on the Helium cot.