From the desk of the new Next Adventure marketing gal.

I recently started at Next Adventure as part of the marketing team. Don't tell Deek and Bryan but I am the least outdoorsy person on the team. I joined because of the commitment to community and good people across the board. I also truly believe in supporting local shops, especially during this strange time. This weekend, I cruised through the website and found ten fun things to buy as gifts for any occasion. Who says I am not a mountain girl at heart? Is there anything I missed?

1. What to buy your pal who likes to look fashionable but cozy on a hike:

You can never have enough cozy hats.


2. What to buy your former roomie who lives far away:

Caps look good on everyone.


3. What to buy for your next weekend away (in 2022, but hey, we need something to look forward to:

This dress goes from hike to beers and you'll look good all the way.


4. What to buy your niece of nephew for a last minute gift:

Every kid needs a secret way to keep in touch.


5. What to buy to stay warm when you accidentally go car camping

You can never have enough warm bedding.


6. What to buy to stay safe when you haven't been on the water in years:

PFD's for all. You can never be too safe.


7. What to buy for the writer in the family:

Best notebooks, ever.


8. What to buy for the guy who has everything:

You can never have too many pairs of fresh undies.


9. What to buy for the athletic dog on your list:

Always hand the slobbery end to the pooch!


10. What to buy for your friend who has everything:

Everyone needs a cool coat. Or five.