In less than 2 weeks, 8 brave souls will venture North to represent their beloved Next Adventure at the Ski to Sea race in Bellignham, WA. You might be asking yourself, who are these people? How did they become the superheroes that they are today? How did they all end up working for Next Adventure? Well, hopefully this blog will answer all of those questions and more. From the mouths of the racers themselves, plase let me introduce you to Andrew, Wrenna, Troy and Don. (The other 4 bios will appear in "Meet the Athletes: Part 2).

Andrew Sullivan - Mountain Biking

Q: What do you enjoy most about mountain biking?
A: Everything except flat tires.
Q: How long have you been mountain biking and how'd you get started?
A: I've been riding bikes since I was a kid. Racing them for about 4 years.
Q: What are you most scared of encountering on race day?
A: Mostly large predators like polar bears, cougars, and wolverines. Also, some small predators like squirrels, blue jays, and goldfish.
Q: What do you love most about working at Next Adventure?
A: That I get to say things like "living the dream" when people ask me about my job.
Q: If the first place prize for winning the Ski to Sea was $10,000 each and we won, how would you spend the money?
A: More bikes, some new skis, and a pound of Goji berries.

Wrenna Keller - Sea Kayaking

Q: What do you love most about sea kayaking?
A: From the first moment I jumped in a sea kayak I knew I was in love. Feeling like I can escape the noise and business of the world and blast around on the surface of the water - it's like a dream. I love every second I spend on the water, even the scary ones.
Q: What are you most nervous about for race day?
A: Flipping. I know that could ruin my team's momentum and I'd hate to let them down. But we're out there for fun, and fun we will have!
Q: What do you love most about working at Next Adventure?
A: The people. I love my co-workers and I love our customers. Them, and the fact that in this work environment I am encouraged to push myself daily. Always learning new things and pushing myself to a new physical limit. This job is all-encompassing and I love it.
Q: If we each won $10,000 for winning first place in the Ski to Sea, how would you spend your money?
A: Probably buy everyone in my family a new boat, or travel.

Troy Leedy - Canoeing

Q: Why did you choose to sign up for this race?
A: This race and other events like this one give us a chance to remind each other of our common goals and lives. A chance to enjoy our passion in a fun setting outside of work and a chance to develop more rewarding relationships among our team.
Q: Who is the mentor/person in your life who most inspired you to be an adventurer?
A: Fritz, an uncle with no relation taught me kayaking, canoeing, archery, fishing and too many things to remember when I was 14ish. I have been involved in the outdoors ever since. Learning at an early age helped give me the confidence to travel the world in search of adventures.
Q: What do you love about working at Next Adventure?
A: Next Adventure feels like a home of sorts, full of like-minded individuals.
Q: If we each won $10,000 for winning first place in the Ski to Sea this year, how would you spend the money?
A: Drinks all-around and maybe some cat skiing!

Don Eaton - Cross-Country Skiing

Q: What do you love most about cross-country skiing?
A: I like that it is a solo sport that lets you enjoy the greatness of a winter wonderland.
Q: How long have you been cross-country skiing and how's you get started?
A: I got started back in college in the U.P. of Michigan, there was a trail going through my backyard and I just went for it. I totally became hooked after that.
Q: What concerns you most about race day?
A: I watched some videos of the race and some of the guys and gals are super hardcore racers. I just hope not to be left in the dust too much.
Q:If you got $10,000 for winning first place in the Ski to Sea, how would you spend the money?
A: I would do what is expected of me and spend the money on some awesome adventures.
Q: Who is the person in your life that most inspires you to be an athlete/adventurer?
A: My girlfriend Rochelle is my big push for being a great adventurer! (Ah shuckssmiley)

Don't forget to wish us all luck if you see us in the shop or around town and remember to check in soon for info on the rest of the team!

You can find more info about the Ski to Sea at this link: