Micah Bishop from Next Adventure on Angular Motion, Carver

The recent and pleasant change in weather has brought a change in pace and priorities. Nolan and I have been getting outside as much as possible and have switched it up a bit with a focus on sport climbing (although still bouldering plenty). 

Smith Rock is in prime season and it's been buzzing with life. We made the 3 hour drive up there in beginning of May. I was instantly reminded of what an awesome opportunity we have here in the North West. With every visit, I seem to fall in love with Smith a little more.           

Micah and Nolan Bishop at Smith Rock. Failing on Rude Boys. Next Adventure
Always a good time at Smith!

This most recent trip, I was able to jump on Churning in the Wake. I haven't touched that climb for over a year and I was excited to be making some big links on it. Churning has such fluid climbing- my hopes are to finish it this season. We're tying into our 9.8 millimeter Nano, Sterling rope. If your looking for a rope to get out and do some sport climbing, this is it. Sterling Ropes are very durable; I've found no flaws with my Nano.

Next Adventure, Micah Bishop on Wrecker Anchor at Carver
Holding my breath on Wrecker Anchor at Carver

Other then Smith, we've been hauling our Mad Pads around some of the local Basalt. With the beautiful weather Portland has had lately, it's been really nice to check out Carver (which has plenty of bouldering and rope climbing). Broughton's Bluff and Bridge of the God's are two other local Basalt areas to check out as well.
Get outside and enjoy the sunshine- it's good for you!

Nolan Bishop on the Intruder problem, Next Adventure
The Intruder Boulder

Micah Bishop on Angular Motion, Carver. Next Adventure