Getting into whitewater paddling? Well we've got all the information you'll need to get into the sport. If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to contact the PSC and put your worries to rest. Remember, the best way to stay safe is to be informed. Know before you go.


1. Soggy Sneakers by Pete Giordano
2. Paddling Oregon by Rob Keller
3. A Guide to the Whitewater Rivers of Washington by Jeff Bennett
4. Kayak by William Nealy


1. American Whitewater
2. Oregon Kayaking
3. Dreamflows
4. PDX Kayaker
5. Substantial kayaking on vimeo (awesome free kayaking videos)

Flow Resources

American Whitewater

Pat Welches River Levels
Dream Flows

Groups or People to Go With

Next Adventure - Get Out and Paddle in the Fall and Winter and Carnage Runs in the Summer.
OKCC (Oregon Kayak and Canoe Club) on Facebook
PDX Kayaker Facebook Group

5 Essentials

1. Kayak
2. Paddle
3. PFD (prevents freaking drowning)
4. Helmet
5. Skirt


1. First Aid Kit
2. Float Bags
3. Thermal Protection
4. Closed Toed Shoes
5. Gloves/Poggies
6. Whistle
7. Watch
8. Throw Bag
9. Extra water and snack


CFS: cubic feet per second
Gnar: Big, intense, difficult rapids
Stompin’: Fast-Paced, High volume
Burly: Big, intense and lots of holes
Mank or Manky: A Shallow rapid filled with lots of holes
Carnage: The result of running a manky rapid and getting worked. Implies swimmers and a garage sale of gear floating down the river
Juicy: High-volume, lots of water.
Brown Stouts: Gnar rapid or run.
Bony: Low flow

Rapid Anatomy