Hoka Torrent 2.0

The Torrent 2.0 is a killer lightweight Trail Runner. The supple lugs on the sole make for excellent grip and allow for comfortable running on plenty of different terrain surfaces. I’ve used mine on dry packed trails, damp dirt, and steep/technical rocky trail runs. The slim design allows for agile movement and the weight allows you to keep your knees high around roots and other obstacles. If you want a cross over shoe for road running also, I’d steer you toward a different model because the lugs on these will wear down quickly on concrete. Overall, these are my go-to trail runners that perform best when extra grip is needed whether it be rocks, wet trails, or technical spots that require a lightweight trail shoe.


Hoka Torrent 2.0 running shoe

Hoka Torrent 2.0 running shoe on trail

Hoka Torrent 2.0 running shoe on rock

Hoka Torrent 2.0 running shoe close up