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Outdoor School

  1. TRIP REPORT: Fresh Tracks at 3000 Feet
  2. Wild on the Pacific Crest Trail
  3. Trip Report: Fall Mushroom Hikes
  4. Trip Report: Olallie Lakes Custom Backpack Tour
  5. PCT Days 2014 Event Report

    PCT Days 2014 Event Report Greg Hill - Sep 9, 2014

  6. The Thru-hikers are coming!

    The Thru-hikers are coming! Greg Hill - Sep 1, 2014

  7. Trip Report: Olallie Lakes 3-Day Backpack
  8. Trip Report: Olallie Lakes National Scenic Area
  9. Gear Review: Big Agnes Scout UL2 Ultralight Tent
  10. Trip Report: Hawk Mountain Backpack
  11. TRIP REPORT: Oregon Coast 3-Day Backpack
  12. Hiking at Higher Elevations

    Hiking at Higher Elevations Greg Hill - Jul 1, 2014

  13. Trip Report: Round Lake Backpack Camp
  14. TRIP REPORT:  Tom McCall Preserve Wildflower Hike
  15. Trip Report: Angel’s Rest Hike

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