--When, Where, Conditions--
When: Sunday 3/1/15
Location: Timberline Lodge
Conditions: It was a sunny, clear day on the mountain! Started out below freezing when we got there, it warmed up by noon but not enough for me to ditch my jacket. Little wind and very few icy spots if you stay on the groomers. Beauteous!
Difficulty: Timberline has runs from easy to difficult. I don't advise beginners go all the way up Palmer.

The Report: With spring sun shining in the valley, the mountain conditions are great if you like spring riding. Yeah sure I love fresh powder, but any day on the mountain is a good day. We got to Timberline around 9:30 am and it was a cold morning. Lifts from Pucci all the way to Palmer were running and there was little wind. The groomers were good in the morning and thawed by the afternoon. There were some slow sticky spots on the lower runs. There was nothing good happening off the groomers, it was crunch.

The afternoon warmed up (though I still wore my jacket) and the snow did get a little slow and sticky in spots. Magic Mile was smooth and super fun all afternoon! There are definitely hazards up and down the mountain due to the lack of snow so keep an eye out for rocks and brown spots - nothing you can't avoid. The crowds were not bad at all for a weekend, lift lines were reasonable and nonexistent at lunch time.

If the forecast holds, it looks to be a great spring-like week on the mountain. Get it!!

Palmer Timberline Lodge
The view from the top of Palmer.