When: 04/24/2018
Location: Buxton Woods Disc Golf Course
Conditions: Clear skies, sunny, 78 degrees.
Duration: 5 hours.
Difficulty: Quite difficult but extremely fun.
Kid Friendly: Yes
Pet Friendly: ABSOLUTELY! Cody is the nicest and most chill guard pup around.
Usefull links: www.facebook.com | www.discgolfscene.com

Buxton Woods Disc Golf Course Buxton Woods Disc Golf Course Buxton Woods Disc Golf Course

The Full Report:
So I actually learned about this course from a Next Adventure customer. He told me that since my group enjoys Hornings Hideout so much that we should check out Buxton. So naturally, yesterday, we did. After a smooth drive north-west, we hit the gravel road leading to Buxton Woods which is nothing more than a driveway to what appears to be someone's private property. After parking, we were immediately greeted by 2 very large and EXTREMELY friendly doggos. We hoped they would follow us throughout the course but alas, they had better things to do than watch us fish our drives out of bushes.

None of us had a map since we didn't realize we had to pay at a side window on the house (we paid after our first round, $3/person). Not having a map was a little confusing at first as we definitely had to scout ahead to find some of the baskets but it all worked out.

This course was easily one of the best courses I've ever played on. We could not have asked for more perfect weather. The holes were all a great mix of backhand and forehand shots with tree tunnels(hole 6), uphill, super steep uphill(hole 11), downhill, water feature(hole 10), and the coolest 18th hole I've ever played on with a raised basket.

Vibes were super chill, other disc golfers were friendly and sociable, and of course, the entire ~500+ acre course was absolutely gorgeous. This spot is definitely a destination course and worth coming back. Cheers!

Buxton Woods Disc Golf Course Buxton Woods Disc Golf Course Buxton Woods Disc Golf Course