When: 05/27/2019
Location: Flapjack Lakes, Olympic National Park
Conditions: Sunny with some clouds. Mid 60’s
Duration: Single Day
Difficulty: Hard
Kid Friendly: No
Dog Friendly: No
Usefull links: www.nps.gov/olym

Flapjack Lakes

The Full Report:
Flapjack Lakes are two lakes situated in a small mountain basin in the Southeast corner of Olympic National Park. To camp here requires a permit and is one of several areas in ONP that are limited. Given that, I decided to do this in a day.

The hike itself is typical for the Olympic National Park. Dense forests, mountain views, and lakes tucked away in small basins. What you will also find in ONP are narrow trails with lots of rock and exposed roots and downed trees to get over.

Flapjack Lakes

None of the above should stop you from visiting any locale in ONP. It is a wildly unique area that is always worth adventuring into. The first 3.5 miles of this trail is like a superhighway. Moderate continuous uphill with a few breaks in the trees to admire the surrounding mountains and river. After the junction, the trail becomes more difficult. Sustained uphill climbing for long sections, rocky, and narrow in a few sections. For me, this is enjoyable and exciting. I also respect this is not everyone’s cup of tea. I also recognize most won’t be looking to do this trail in a day.

The final half-mile makes you work hard. Steep uphill, exposed roots, and big step-ups. Once again nothing out of the ordinary for ONP. Flapjack Lakes themselves are quaint with a nice emerald color. Being honest, I was expecting more of a view from the surrounding mountains. I would make Flapjack Lakes part of a longer itinerary in the surrounding area. For the 13.9-mile round trip and 3,658 ft elevation gain you can visit other areas in ONP that will provide better views either for a day trip or an overnight.