When: 09/08/19
Location: Newberry Wildwood Trail - Portland
Conditions: Cloudy and Damp
Duration: 1.5 Hours (More if you want)
Difficulty: Very Easy
Kid Friendly: Yes
Dog Friendly: Yes - Many dogs were seen on the trail.

Wildwood Trail

Full Report:
As a newcomer to Portland, I have been searching for the perfect trails near the city to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. I wanted a trail that gave me the perception of seclusion, and a trail, which would ultimately allow me to hit the reset button after a hard day of work or school. On this particularly gloomy day, it seems as though I have found just that.

From Next Adventure on Grand Avenue, I headed to the Newberry Wildwood Trail Head. In about 25 minutes, I reached a northern entrance to Forest Park, found parking on the side of the road, and began my hike. Overall, the trail was very flat with the exception of a few very brief inclines. In total, I hiked about 2 miles of the 30+ before stopping at a bench and then turning around due to the rain. The first quarter-mile is a bit noisy but afterward becomes incredibly quiet – except for the occasional interruption by an airplane. Including my break, it took about one and a half hours.

Wildwood Trail Wildwood Trail

Even on a cloudy day, the moss-covered trees and fern-covered forest floor were spectacularly bright. I found about a dozen banana slugs on the edge of the trail, countless insects, and even a few wildflowers.

All things considered, it was the perfect way for me to spend my afternoon without having to drive over an hour out of town. At the beginning of my adventure, I sincerely thought that I would be let down by another overpopulated and noisy urban park with a highway following nearby to hinder my experience (*cough *cough Multnomah Falls). However, this section of the Wildwood Trail makes up for its lack of views and points of interest by being exceptionally green, tranquil, and incredibly close by.

This trail is perfect for any and all levels of hikers and is especially great for those wanting a quick and quiet getaway from the city. I would highly recommend this trail to any new hikers and even the most experienced hikers who want to reconnect with nature in a hurry.

Wildwood Trail