When: 06/22/19
Location: Toketee Falls, Oregon
Conditions: Perfect, sunny, warm
Duration: 2 hours
Difficulty: Moderate
Kid Friendly: Yes
Dog Friendly: Yes

Tokette Falls

Full Report:
Toketee Falls in one of the coolest places I've been in Oregon so far. It is located in south-central Oregon about an hour and a half south of Bend and maybe 45 minutes from crater lake. I first heard about it when I saw a video on youtube of people kayaking over it, which I think I absolutely nuts once I got a chance to stand in front of it. The waterfall itself is actually a 2-tear waterfall that cascades into a giant blue pool. Also if you really want to swim there I'd advise bringing a wetsuit because that water is very very cold!

The hike itself starts in a parking lot with a giant pipe running down the side of it. This is a diversion pipe used for hydroelectric energy. At this point, water is spouting out of the pipe and it is quite a sight to see. From there the trail is well marked for about a mile until you get to the falls overlook. Along the trail, you will be quite intrigued by the cool rock formations the river has created over the years. As a kayaker, I was quite interested to see what it would look like with more water in it. There were a few benches along the hike for those who might need to take a break. Once at the falls it will really take your breath away. The perfect flow of water and the beautiful rock formations make this a place you'll never forget. I recommend this trip to anyone and should really be paired with a stop at Crater Lake since they are pretty close to each other. There is also a campground and hot springs close by. Go check it out!!!