When: 8/12/2019
Location: Tom Dick and Harry Mountain Trail
Conditions: Mostly sunny day with a few passing clouds. Average temperature of 78 degrees. Even for a Monday the first part of the trail was busy (to Mirror Lake) but then died down on the way up to Tom Dick and Harry.
Duration: 4 hours 25 minutes with a few pauses along the way.
Difficulty: Mild until the the last 3/4 of a mile up the mountain.

Mirror Lake/ Tom, Dick, and Harry ridge

Full Report:
The mirror lake approach trail was recently rerouted to start from the Ski Bowl parking lot, making a full loop of Tom, Dick and Harry supper accessible. The journey to the peak takes about an hour and a few with a generous break at mirror lake. The trek to the top is tiring but quick, the section after passing mirror lake is sprinkled with sneak peeks of the views to come.

At the top, there is arguably one of the best vantages of Mt. Hood. We took in the first view and continued to walk along the ridgeline, where the crowds thinned, and the views only got better. After crossing the ridge, I was surprised by how few people were taking the same route, the only group we saw were two rangers on their way to extinguish an abandoned campfire.

The loop finished off by walking down the Ski Bowl fire road, I've always enjoyed putting around on ski resorts in the summer. About halfway down the road there is a cabin people can rent out, when we walked by it was Peter's birthday party, happy birthday Peter.

All and all, this was a great hike and the conditions were perfect. Because of how desirable the views are, this is definitely a weekday hike and even then, you never know how busy it will be. But it's worth the walk no matter what.

Mirror Lake/ Tom, Dick, and Harry ridge