We got to take the Dagger Rewind out for a paddle before work and got some good footage on the GoPro, headed into the Paddle Sports Center and thought, "Heck, let's do a review while we're at it!" So, here's Mitch giving us his thoughts on the boat named Best Whitewater Boat for 2019.

Dagger Rewind


Value Rating: 10
Durability Rating: 10
Overall Rating: 10
Location of Test: Clackamas River
Duration of Test: 2 hours
Product Name: Rewind
Product Brand: Dagger
Best Use: Whitewater

Dagger Rewind Whitewater Kayak

The Full Review:
The Dagger Rewind is a killer addition to the series of modern “half-slice” boats. From my time in the boat, I could tell right away that it had some great initial stability. This will come in handy if your goal with this boat is to take it on harder whitewater. The secondary stability is not amazing but that does make it quick to carve and transition while in a rapid and in and out of eddies. The next great attribute to this boat is the rocker. It got much more rocker than the previous half slice boat by Dagger (the Axiom). This helps to prevent pearling while surfing waves and allows you to ride up and over holes instead of trying to plow through them.

Dagger Rewind Whitewater Kayak

The other key part of this boat is the “slicey” tail. I found this to be one of the easier sterns to initiate into a stern squirt or pivot turn. This adds a huge “fun factor” to the boat. You can even make it easier to squirt if you move the seat all the way back in the boat. To me, this makes the boat really capable because you can move the seat depending on the kind of whitewater you want to run. (If I was creeking I’d move the seat forward.) If you love Dagger Kayak's comfortable outfitting and knee position, this boat will be no exception. I jumped in and felt right at home.

Dagger Rewind Whitewater Kayak

The Good: 
Squirts easy
Easily adjustable

The Bottom Line: 
Overall this boat is a sweet addition to the “half-slice” boat phenomenon. It’s built to surf, squirt, and boof and seems to do it quite well. I’d be excited to take this on some challenging whitewater and see how it handles!