If you've ever dealt with snow, ice, or freezing rain, this is the one absolute-must-have product from Next Adventure. Honestly, this is the best way to stay upright and off your bumm in slippery conditions.

Just say NO to a bruised backside.

Alright, quick disclaimer, these are definitely not the type of crampons that one would use to summit your local glacier encrusted volcano. They are, on the other hand, perfect for a day at the snow-park or taking the dog for a walk during an ice storm.

The Adventure Research Snow Crampons are super easy to use. They're well suited for anyone traveling in on slippery environments. They work great on icy pavement or even up at a ski resort parking lot when there's a couple feet of snow.

These snow crampons are made of a durable and lightweight rubber upper, stainless steel chain, and carbon steel spikes. They expand to fit over almost any footwear, whether that be a hiking boot, a standard shoe, or even a smaller snowboard boot. They slip on easily & don't have any straps or buckles in the way to fight with. The thermo-elastic outer band fits snugly around your shoes and is made to withstand the cold. The ingenious chains help prevent the snow from balling up under the shoe and the integrated toe bail holds the spikes securely in place on your shoe.

You also get a fancy tote sack that stores the crampons in a compact little bundle. They come in a variety of sizes to fit just about any user. You can find these online or at either our Portland or our Sandy location. Feel free to stop by the shop and check them out in person if you have any questions.